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Interior Lighting Updates

Interior Lighting Updates

Small changes in your home décor can make a huge impact. When we think of home décor and making changes we typically think about paint color, throw pillows, frames, rugs, etc… We don’t often think about or realize what an impact lighting changes or additions can add to the overall feeling or ambiance and style of a room.

Here are some practical ways you can freshen up your space and get it ready for entertaining:

1. Change outdated switch plates

2. Add dimmable can lights to brighten up a room that may only have a ceiling fan light fixture or pendant. This way you can choose the amount of light and the type of ambiance you are trying to create.

3. Are you always searching for the next tech gadget? Switch out your can lights in your living room for Bluetooth enabled speaker bulbs. Gone are the days of needing to hide speakers and speaker wires. What’s new is old and what’s old is new again.

4. If you have light fixtures with exposed bulbs (Like we do) try changing them out for an Edison bulb or one that is half dipped in silver. It’s an inexpensive update that will start conversations with your guest and add style to any room.

5. Let’s not forget the exterior of your home. The front of your home is the first impression of what’s inside. If you have an interesting pendant hanging in the entryway it will draw the eye in, but make sure that it provides enough light to fill the space. This helps to keep your home safe when it is well lit.

6. Change out the sconces that frame the garage with more architectural sconces and don’t be afraid of trying matte black or copper ones!

7. Do you have a backyard patio or deck? I love string lights! I think that it does a great job lighting a large space and creating a party atmosphere.

Think of lighting fixtures as accessories that enhance the features of the home and as an opportunity to showcase your personality. Lighting is to a home or commercial space as jewelry or shoes are to your look. Lighting our home or commercial space is a need, but it can be fun and it says so much about you or your business. Have fun with it and hire an electrician for cutting in new lights, outlets or hanging fixtures if climbing ladders and working with electricity is not a risk you’d like to take.