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Home electrical projects can quickly catch you by surprise. Problems with your electrical systems can wreak havoc across your home, and you need to address the issues quickly. While these issues require swift action, if you don’t have the funding, it can quickly sap your renovation budget and leave you in the lurch. Instead of trying to secure the financing on your own, Magnify Electric’s new financing options are here to help!

We have partnered with Service Titan and Turns to offer our valued customers flexible financing options to help them get the electrical work done around their homes. We work with our customers to determine a payment plan that fits their budget and doesn’t completely break the bank.

How Our Financing Options Work​

Service Titan and Turns allows you a quick and easy way to secure the funding you need for your next big electrical project. Now that we have partnered with Service Titan and Turns, we can help find the best options for your particular project. Select a financing option that works for you and make monthly payments that won’t break your finances.

The Application Process

While you may have encountered overly long and involved financing applications in the past, our partnership with Service Titan and Turns makes it a breeze! Filling out the application only takes a minute, and more importantly, applying and checking your options does not negatively impact your credit score!

When you apply for financing, you can expect the following:

  • Finance your electrical projects
  • Flexible term limits
  • APR to fit your needs
  • No hidden fees or compounding interest

Get Your Funding and Start Your Next Electrical Project Today

Don’t worry about how you will upgrade your electrical system, replace those faulty outlets, or get that smart home installation you’ve always wanted. Magnify Electric’s financing options give you the freedom to get the necessary financing you need for those projects without feeling like you’re going bankrupt to do so. We work with our customers to figure out what kind of financing they need and give them the options they need to make it a reality.

Fill out your application, set your terms, and get your next big project off the ground today! We’re ready to help bring your project to life!

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