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EV Charging Station Installations in Austin, TX

As electric vehicles gain popularity, electric car charging stations continue to pop up all over Texas. However, EV owners know all too well that electric car charging can be difficult to do in the average home. EV charging equipment is often too powerful for residential electrical systems, so EV chargers can end up wreaking havoc on your appliances, causing flickering lights, circuit breaker trips, and even Wi-Fi issues. And while relying on a public charging station works for some people, it’s not the most effective solution for everyone.

Ensure your new EV gets the full charge it deserves with EV charging station installation in Austin, TX! The electrical services experts at Magnify Electric will help protect your home electrical system and provide a place to charge your electric vehicle. Learn more below about our work with electric car charging stations!

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Charge Your Electric Vehicle With Ease

Rely on Magnify for safe and powerful home electric car charging station installation in the Austin area. We install electric car charging ports for homes throughout the following TX locations:

  • Austin
  • Briarcliff
  • The Hills
  • Bee Cave
  • West Lake Hills
  • Dripping Springs
  • Spicewood
  • Tarrytown
  • Travis County
  • Burnet County
  • Hays County
  • And Beyond!

Home Electric Car Charging Units

As mentioned before, electric cars don’t always play nicely with residential electrical panels. Luckily, Magnify Electric has a solution: home EV charger installation! Electric car charging ports for homes are becoming more popular as more and more automobile manufacturers release state-of-the-art electric vehicles.

Home EV charging stations protect the rest of your house from electrical surges caused by charging your EV’s battery while still keeping electricity costs low. We can install solutions for all types of electric cars, including Teslas and most EVs with proprietary charging equipment. If you’re considering an EV charging station installation in Austin, TX, we work with several different types, including:

  • DC Fast Chargers
  • Non-Tesla EV Chargers
  • Tesla Supercharger products and equipment

Interested in a quote for EV charging station installation in Austin, TX? Contact us now to speak with one of our licensed electricians.

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EV Charging Point Installation

In addition to home electric car charging units, we also install larger EV systems with higher capacities for busy areas. Do you own a business or multi-residential building that’s frequented by EV drivers? Provide power to these visitors, customers, and employees with EV charging point installation! Get a price quote anytime for EV charging station installation in Austin, TX, at your business or apartment complex.

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Countless customers in Austin, Spicewood, Briarcliff, The Hills, Bee Cave, West Lake Hills, Dripping Springs, Tarrytown, Travis County, Burnet County, and Hays County, TX, are enjoying their new home EV charging stations. To schedule your EV charging station installation in Austin, TX, for yourself, contact Magnify Electric today and get a free, no-obligation price quote. We promise you’ll love your new EV charging solution!