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Lutron Smart Home Systems in Austin, TX

Lutron smart home systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing homeowners with the ability to control their home’s lighting, shades, and temperature with ease. Bringing your home into the 21st century is easier than ever thanks to Magnify Electric’s specialists in installing Lutron smart home systems in Austin, TX.

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We have helped countless customers automate their home’s lighting, shades, and dimmer systems, enabling them to control each connected device with the push of a button. Our team has helped install these revolutionary systems throughout the Greater Austin area, including the following TX communities:

  • Spicewood
  • Briarcliff
  • The Hills
  • Bee Cave
  • West Lake Hills
  • Dripping Springs
  • Lakeway
  • Tarrytown
  • Travis County
  • Burnet County
  • Hayes County
  • And More!

Lutron Smart Switches: Let Our Lutron Installers Revolutionize Your Home Lighting Control

One of the major draws of a Lutron smart home system in Austin, TX, remains the ease in which people can control the brightness in their homes. The Lutron lighting systems we install in our customer’s homes are designed to help make changing the light levels in a given room a breeze. We offer a selection of Lutron smart switches, including:

Lutron Caséta is a wireless smart lighting system that allows you to control your lights from anywhere, using the Lutron app or voice commands. Caséta works with most dimmable bulbs, including LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs. With the ability to create personalized lighting schedules, you can ensure your home is always well-lit and welcoming.

Lutron Maestro is a collection of advanced dimmer switches that offer customizable lighting control. These switches feature a sleek design and are available in various colors to match your home’s décor. With options like occupancy sensing and multi-location dimming, Maestro switches provide a sophisticated solution for managing your home’s lighting.

Enhance Your Home's Comfort with Lutron Shades

Homeowners looking to install a Lutron smart home system in Austin, TX, want to have a clear idea what kind of comfort they can expect. Having the ability to control your Lutron shades at the press of a button will make controlling how much ambient light comes through a breeze.

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Lutron Serena Shades

Lutron Serena shades are motorized window treatments that can be controlled using the Lutron app, a remote control, or voice commands. These shades offer a variety of customization options, including fabric, color, and opacity, allowing you to create the perfect window treatment for your home.

Get Lutron Dimmer Switch for Ultimate Lighting Control

Lutron smart switches can help you take more control of your home than ever before. Our expert Lutron installers can ensure that every room in your home is equipped with these versatile switches to allow you precise control over your lighting.

Lutron Diva Dimmer Switch

The Lutron Diva dimmer switch is a versatile lighting control solution that works with many types of bulbs, including LED, halogen, and CFL. With its large paddle switch and small slide control, adjusting your home’s lighting levels has never been easier.

Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer

Lutron Aurora is a unique smart bulb dimmer that easily attaches to your existing toggle light switch, providing wireless control over your Philips Hue smart bulbs. This innovative solution ensures your smart bulbs are always ready to respond to your commands, even if someone accidentally turns off the switch.

Lutron Lighting: Comprehensive Home Illumination Solutions

Lutron offers a wide range of lighting solutions, including Lutron lighting controls, fixtures, and accessories. By integrating Lutron products, you can create a cohesive and efficient lighting system that enhances your home’s ambiance and energy efficiency.

Lutron Home Automation: Simplifying Your Life

Lutron home automation solutions installed by Magnify Electric allow you to control your home’s lighting, shades, and ambiance from a single, easy-to-use interface. Compatible with popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, Lutron systems make it simple to manage your home’s environment using voice commands or the Lutron app. Our team can help get your Lutron smart home systems in Austin, TX, installed and ready to illuminate your home in no time.

Lutron Installers: The Key to a Successful Smart Home Transformation

Hiring professional Lutron installers is crucial for ensuring the proper installation and integration of your Lutron smart home system. Experienced installers, like those at Magnify Electric, have the knowledge and expertise necessary to design and implement a customized Lutron system that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Magnify Electric: Your Trusted Lutron Smart Home Partner in Austin, TX

Magnify Electric is a leading provider of Lutron smart home systems in Austin, TX. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to helping you create the perfect smart home environment, tailored to your specific requirements. From choosing the right Lutron products to expert installation and ongoing support, Magnify Electric is committed to delivering exceptional service and results.

Since our founding, the Greater Austin area has come to trust our electrical services for their home wiring and power needs. We have earned our reputation for taking the best care of our customers and ensuring that everything from a traditional light switch to a more complex automated system is in the best condition possible. Our team has helped people throughout the area, including Spicewood, Briarcliff, The Hills, Bee Cave, West Lake Hills, Dripping Springs, Lakeway, Tarrytown, Travis County, Burnet County, and Hayes County, TX.

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